Audevard Ekygard Flash Occasional Gastric Support For Horses

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Audevard ekygard flash is a nutritional support designed to provide nutritional support for horses with temporary gastric problems.

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Product Details

In horses the gastric mucosa is often affected by the highly acidic environment of the stomach, particularly during exercise or when the animal is stressed. Acidity may affect the horse’s quality of life, its ability to absorb food and of course its performance. These critical periods therefore require specific nutritional support. Ekygard flash provides nutritional support to horses with temporary gastric issues.


It is available in
  • 60ml

Key Benefits

  • Nutritional support for horses with temporary gastric problems
  • Easy to administer
  • Single use format
  • Contains althaea officinalis and hyaluronic acid
  • Doesn't contain any ingredients which can lead to a positive result in an anti-doping test


  • Raw Material
    Lithothamnion, sodium bicarbonate, monopropylene glycol, sodium hyaluronate
  • Additive (per 1kg)
    Aromatic substances: Althaea officinalis - tincture 15,619 mg
  • Analytics Constituents
    Humidity 77.2%, crude protein 0.3%, crude cellulose 0.1%, crude ash 20.6%, calcium 5%, sodium 1.9%

Dosage daily allowance: 1 to 2 ekygard flash per day

ekygard flash is designed for occasional use when the horse has increased needs (e.g. during transport, competitions etc.).