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Aniwell FiltaBac Cream

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Aniwell FiltaBac Cream

FiltaBac Cream is an antibacterial skin protection for wounds and sunburn, can be used as a sunblock and for correcting damaged or irritated skin.
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FiltaBac Cream

FiltaBac Cream is the ultimate in animal antibacterial skin protection for: wounds, sunburn, as a sunblock & correcting damaged or irritated skin conditions

It is suitable for most animals - especially horses, dogs and exotics. Before using on cats seek veterinary advice.

FiltaBac gives Ultra Protection from sunburn for horses, dogs and cats and heat-lamp burn in exotics.

FiltaBac Cream covers wounds on horses, dogs and exotics like a second skin, providing a barrier which simulates the properties of undamaged skin and is a total sunblock protecting the wound from any further damage by the sun.

SPF: 29-33 (FDA >15 Ultra)
UVA/UVB Ratio: 0.92
(Category Descriptor > 0.8 maximum)