Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber

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Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber is designed to aid cats with feline asthma.
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Aerokat Feline Aerosol Chamber

The AeroKat* Feline Aerosol Chamber (FAC) was developed by Trudell Medical International (TMI) to aid cats with feline asthma(wheezing,persistant coughing,open mouth or laboured breathing) while significantly reducing the risk of side effects caused by traditional treatment in the age of 2-8 years and Siamese and Himalayan breeds.

The AeroKat* FAC was recently updated to include the revolutionary Flow-Vu* Inspiratory Flow Indicator (IFI) that moves with your cat's respiration allowing you to coordinate actuation of the puffer with inhalation that count your cat's breaths and ensure a mask seal. 

The AeroKat* FAC is designed to be used along with a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) also known as a puffer to deliver aerosol medication to your cat because feline respiratory diseases imitate human conditions they can be treated in a similar way.

However because typical puffers deliver a dose at over 60 miles per hour effective delivery of the medication to cats without an aerosol chamber is difficult. This device should be used only on the recommendation of your veterinarian.

*Please note that we are only able to send aerosols to UK Mainland & Highlands addresses - excludes Northern Ireland and Island addresses - as the Royal Mail does not accept aerosols sent via airmail.*

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